Outdoor Retailer Media Suite


Day 1 of the OR Show ended with a media retreat at the Hotel Monaco. Verde PR out of Colorado rents a suite to showcase their outdoor clients and it’s an efficient way for writers like me to preview a handful (or better a roomful) of companies and not have to squeeze them into my already overbooked schedule at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Plus, they bring in massage therapists from Sanctuary in the Gateway Center who are some of the best in state. Nemo’s known for their tents but come next spring, Primaloft sleeping bags like this one will put them on the map for softgoods. It’s kind of a square mummy bag to give you ample hiproom. Would that make it a Squammy?

FoxRiver Socks has also incorporated Primaloft (Pronounced Prime – a – Loft for those of you who still say TEE-VA) into their line. I didn’t see any Primaloft in Stoic’s line. That’s Backcountry.com’s own brand. Looking forward to getting my hands on a Hadron Down Anorak pullover. Like the Patagonia down sweater but a hoody and cuter. I was hoping to see the TEKO sock puppet but the PR gal said they’re changing their image. They’re going high-tec with the SIN3RGI line of socks. Haven’t tried mine on yet but it’s a blend of an ultra-fine polyester yarn and Merino wool.

Commuter bikers should check out Biologic. They’ve got all sorts of gadgets to keep you connected and chic on your bike. My little one will love the wraplight. It’s supposed to wrap around a bike frame but she puts it on her bed like a nitelight. Her last one died a few months ago.

Over at the Zuke’s table was a bowl of HipAction sample treats. Glucasime. Perfect for the aging companion who still knows not when to stay home and rest. With Zuke’s new Superfood your pup can be vegan too. Zuke’s is making a ‘green’ dog treat they call Superfood. Makes sense that if you’re denying yourself meat products you should stay true to your dog as well.


I got home at about 11. Just enough time to crash and wake for the OR Industry breakfast at 7 a.m. yesterday. Glad I didn’t skip it though the temptation was there. Marian Salzman Trendspotting gave quite the lecture on the state of Americans and how the outdoor industry can get their attention.


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