Park City Bans Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Visitors to Park City, Utah, will have a rude awakening when they attempt to shop next season. No more plastic bags within city limits.

In a historic move, the Park City Council voted this week to ban the disposable parcels used to haul various sundries from market to condo. The new law limits itself to stores over 12,000 square feet and that sell groceries. However, it marks an action on something locals have been bitching about for years and hope will spread throughout the area.

It’s the first ban in the state but not the first to move through a ski resort town where green initiatives often test the political waters. Plastic is already banned in Aspen, Telluride and Vail, Colo. and California resorts. Others charge a fee for plastic in the hopes of discouraging lazy heathens.

Who’s Affected by the Plastic Bag Ban

The Market at Park City, Fresh Market and Rite Aid will swap plastic for paper starting in late June. Store owners are expecting shock and amazement during the coming ski season where bag distribution hikes to about 15,000 in a month and visitors use them for not only carrying groceries, but picking up poop, lining trashcans and parceling out wet clothes. Paper bags ain’t as versatile or durable. They’ll also cost you. The stores affected, plan to pass the expense to you in a “tax”. Expect to pay about .08 cents more if you don’t have your own bag on hand. But don’t worry, you wasteful consumers, you. Just a few miles north, Wal-Mart, Smith’s and Fresh Market have no qualms with sending you home with polyethylene. The ban is specific to Park City; not Summit County as a whole.

Parkites argued successfully that plastic bags increase litter and wreak havoc on our landfills. Oh, how the pendulum swings. Thirty-five years ago environmentalists rallied to replace paper with plastic to save trees, and stores saved time and money. It was much faster at checkout to dump items in plastic. Plus, they had HANDLES.

Today, most European countries ban plastic bags, along with the whole state of California. The state of Utah could conceivably override Park City’s ban and given the way they do things around here, who knows? For now, plan on packing your tote on your next vacation. You’re already spending a small fortune on everything else. No need to add to the bill.

Great Alternatives To Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Chico Mini-

Don’t get caught without a bag. This handy tote clips to your keychain. It’s on the small side (duh) but sturdy enough to carry a bowling ball.

Plastic Bags

Ikea 172.283.40 Frakta Shopping Bag

Man, are these things ugly and cumbersome but if you are a monthly (rather than weekly) shopper or you’re buying for a family of five you’re going to need something this size.


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