NOOOOOO! I’m almost out! My Sunforgettable Powder Brush Sunscreen from Colorescience is a must-have for any outdoors girl and now it’s running low. Ugh. Those lotion sunscreens you put on in the morning, under your makeup or even the foundations with an SPF in it, don’t last all day; yet I’m so vain about going barefaced that once I put on my makeup I’m hesitant to reapply sunscreen those two-three hours later. I’m afraid I’ll  wipe everything off and I can’t lug my makeup bag around the hill with me. Vanity wins over protection.

Why Not Lather Up

In the summer, I’m not a poolside kind of woman gal and my regular sunscreen can last during a short hike or climb, plus I’m usually in the shade. Skiing is a whole different ballgame. As an instructor, I’m forced to be in the sun for seven hours sometimes; no hat and few potty stops to even check that there’s no zinc oxide standing out on the side of my nose. That’s the worst. It’s like having food stuck in your teeth and no one tells you.

The SPF 50 tube of mineral powder was a Godsend. Time for sun protection? Swipe swipe swipe and I’m good to go. I don’t need a mirror or buddy to use it and the brush is so soft that it doesn’t affect my makeup ‘job’.

How Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen Works

The water-resistant powdered zinc oxide and titanium dioxide not only provide hypoallergenic sun protection but light coverage to help smooth imperfections. The uber-soft brush, casing and ingredients lasted me through the last winter- which is when I need it the most; even with multiple daily applications. It’s super portable at 4.5 inches long and the plastic is durable. Not one crack or issue with the refillable casing despite some hard falls. The clear bottom is handy so that you can see when you’re running out and not be left high and dry on top of a mountain.

With ski season here it’s time to save up for a refill. Or better, crush up your favorite mineral foundation/sunscreen and pour it into the chamber.


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  • How did I not know about this! I am the same way, vanity wins over safety. Now I can have both.

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