Hold Up Those Pants Up With Arcade Belts

Arcade Belts

Pull your damn pants up, is a frequent thought when I’m standing in a lift line. It’s not like these kids with pants at mid-thigh don’t have belts on. But maybe they’re missing the right belt; one that doesn’t feel like a belt perhaps?

I spotted Arcade Belts in the Venture Out area during the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in July.  The lightweight, stretchy belt with a thin Fastec clip easily adjusts and lays flat on your waist- no bulky buckles, no flapping excess. You can drop it in the wash- still attached to your pants or boardshorts- without damage or wear it through TSA without setting off the alarms. Plus, it comes in fun designs and a youth version for smaller-wasted ones.

Santa Cruz skater and Tahoe Pro Skier Cody Townsend started Arcade Belts with buddies David Bronkie and Tristan Queen to cinch up a tiny space in the adventure sports clothing market. They created a belt tough enough for action sports but comfy enough for everyday wear. “Action sports in general are becoming a lifestyle and we’re designing stuff for that culture,” said Townsend in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “I wanted something that fits in with that unique style. You might think it’s simple but you’ll have an ‘Ah ha’ moment, and ask why haven’t I been using this belt.”

It’s been six years since they first hit the market. Arcade Belts come in just three styles, sold in over 800 retail stores. I personally like the adventure belt in Trailblazer, with the cute little pine trees, but have a look at some of their other designs.


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