Ba-Bye Winter Boots


My poor winter boots. They barely saw the light of day let alone a snowy day this year. I wanted to strut them out on a regular basis but they sat woefully in my closet for most of this skinny season. Now it’s time to stash them away in the attic and cross my fingers that we’ll have more time together next season. Call me the Imelda Marcos of winter boots. They are all my faves. Warm, fuzzies, mostly pull on because after a long day in ski boots you want something less constraining.

Good-Bye Emus

Oh so stylish ankle boot with water-resistant Australian sheepskin and high-loft shearling on the inside. When you’re in a hurry to get to the hill and you don’t mind looking like you have slippers on your feet, grab these. They’re super hard to keep clear of water spots but the comfort makes up for the slacker look. The hardwearing EMUsole and double stitched seams make this boot one you can wear for many seasons.

Good-Bye Timberlands

Like cowboy riding boots, my Timberlands hold their shape and look great no matter what muck you walk in. The leather’s waterproof and lightly insulated. The upper cuff has a layer of shearling. This model has been discontinued but I was able to get my hands on a pair. I’ll withhold them from the attic this summer for those cold morning horseback rides.

Unfortunately, the Timberland Crystal Mountain Lace-Ups will go up.

The Crystal Mtns are made of recycled materials in the linings and outsoles and a dash of fleece all the way to the knees. The full-grain leather and nylon outers are waterproof making thw whole boot incredibly warm. In fact, my legs have never been so warm in the winter. A Smartwool fabric footbed wicks and warms my toes. They’re ideal for deep snow outings and stylish nights where you want to wear skirts or straightleg jeans. However, the lacing does require some effort so I didn’t wear them out as much as I’d like.

Good-Bye Chacos

The Belyn Baa was Chaco’s first try at a winter boot. The only problem is they forgot to make it waterproof which kind of defeats the purpose. The leather uppers and shearling lining make this snowboard-steezish boot way cool and warm except you’d only want to then wear them in the snow. It’s any kind of deep or you’re trudging around Tahoe’s 20 percent you’ll have a puddle under your sock in no time. You’ll be most happy with these boots when the streets are icy but not snowy. The Vibram outsole has tons of grip.

Good-Bye Rubber Ducks

I never felt like running in my Sporty Snowjoggers but they had the perfect blend of qualities for a snowboot. Slip-on, waterresistent (but they’ve been waterproof for me so far), warm but not so warm you couldn’t wear them in a wet spring or fall, plus they have this hip, retro vinyl shine. I had no problems wearing them on the town either shopping or dining.

Good-bye Kamiks

The Centrigrades never saw the light of day this year. The most bomber boot in my collection is used primarily for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and outdoor winter concerts. Needless to say, this wasn’t the season for a -40 degree boot with waterproof nylon uppers, thick Zylex liner, rubber outer shell and IceCLAW rubber outsole.

Good-Bye Tevas

At first I didn’t want the Vero Boot. I saw the laces and shook my head. But the hidden side zip had me at Hello. The low volume Thinsulate keep the boots from feeling clunky. In fact, these are the most lightweight in my collection. They’re sleek enough to wear with my knit dress or plaid wool skirt. But they also pair well with jeans. There’s not a lot of support from the footbed but that didn’t seem to affect my dogs when I wore them all day on the SIA show floor in Denver this January.

Good-Bye Sorels

The latest addition to my (boot) family is also the most versatile. I scored the Tofino CVS Boots
at the Vevo Powerstation Sorel Lounge during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Form, meet function! The olive color, waterproof shell, quilted upper, Sherpa pile lining, and molded rubber outsole do the job outdoors on the trail but will get you all sorts of coos in the club as well. These boots answer the call for style while still making for the ideal every day winter shoe.

Good-Bye Hi-Tecs

The Snowflakes have been with me the longest. More shoe than slipper, they are made of waterproof suede and Thinsulate insulation. The sole is sturdy and the lugs capable of gripping on slick sidewalks.  

Good-Bye Acorns?

Ok, I’ll admit that these wool slip-ons avoid banishment to the attic. More slipper than shoe, I wear these with jeans, shorts, skirts, but I hardly ever wear them at home. They’re too warm. The recycled rubber outsole has tons of grip so these make a durable slipper you can take car camping. This is my shoe of choice for my drive back from Little Cottonwood Canyon.


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