KEEN Sandals For Summer Fun


“You have the same shoes!” the 7-year-old kid shouted from the top of the monkey bars.

The little boy was referring to the ‘mommy and me’ KEENs Sage and I were sporting at the park last weekend. Normally I roll my eyes at matching sweat suits and dainty dresses in the same print; plus, kids’ products are often disposable and my stuff needs to last beyond a year. But when it comes to KEEN sandals they are Grade-A certified and mom-tested…literally. Why should Sage have all the cute shoes?

The Whisper is our absolute go-to fave for cruising theme parks to National Parks. They stay comfortable and hotspot free when you’re on your feet from rope-drop to fireworks.

Three days in a row at Disneyland Paris with nary a blister or sore arch for either of us is the true sign of a summer-worthy shoe or sandal. Or dare I say “shandal”?

Sage lives in hers. The secure-fit lace capture system makes for quick on and off and because they are meant for water play they’re wearable even in those unexpected rain storms or waterlog rides without feeling the heavy squish of wet sneakers.

The washable polyester webbing won’t rub whether you’re hiking, rowing or sightseeing and the non-marking rubber outsole make them the perfect gym shoe when May rolls around.

The only downside is that the foot-cushioning EVA molded footbed can make the Whisper a little sweaty on super hot days but they are quick to dry. The bottomline? KEENs last, they’re practical, comfortable and fun to share with your kids. $35-71. Check them out here.



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