No Purses Here


I finally gave up on my Osprey Messenger Bag. I loved that thing. I even carried it around after a mouse chewed through the side mesh pocket. It held everything but, as others teased, it wasn’t very womanly.

I don’t do purses and I’m not sorry. My car is my purse and my shoulder bag is like the wallet in my purse. I’m a function over fashion girl. It became apparent, however, that I had outgrown my Flap Jack Courier.

Yes, my friends, it wasn’t big enough! I found myself often carrying TWO bags whenever I left the house. Granted, even in winter I have two bags- one for boots and the other for my laptop, money, magazines, mail, etc. But this coming winter I was facing THREE bags now if I didn’t do something quick. Enter the Ashley Tote from High Sierra. It holds my laptop in a padded sleeve, all of my paper junk and a set of gym clothes to boot.

The main compartment zips closed and there’s a little removable zippered pouch inside that I still haven’t used- too organized for me. Same goes for the zippered front utility pocket because there are four corner pockets that slide from top to bottom for things like my phone, pens, lip gloss, or water bottle. It has shoulder straps rather than a messenger chest strap but I rarely wore my Osprey that way so it’s not a huge deal. The handles are long enough that if I wanted to drape them over my head and across my chest I could. The bottom and back panel are also padded for extra protection. I would have liked the straps to be a little wider and thicker for those days when I’m really packing but otherwise I’ve found my match.

Not to mention, the pretty pattern addresses the femininity issue and now I’m back to two bags for the winter. Whew.

The Ashley comes in a variety of patterns for an economical $40. 1-800-323-9590


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