Snoozies For Newsies


Damn! Where are my Snoozies?? The temps went from 70 yesterday to 50 today. My toes are cold. Snoozies are like fleece socks with the tops lopped off and they are oh so cozy. They’re perfect for long flights, traveling and lounging. In fact, I’ve been known to hop in my car with them on after I slip out of ski boots. So long as you don’t plan to puddle jump or slush through snow you’re all good. No biggie if they get dirty because they’re machine washable and won’t shrink. Like any fleece product it eventually mats down but they still stay soft.

The bottoms have a little non-slip/grippy writing (that say Snoozies) so when I jump up to answer the door or the phone, I don’t wipe out on my office flooring.

I can wear them year-round (I work at home so the boss doesn’t care) and they’re lightweight enough for warmer days. Snoozies come in all sorts of designs and colors so you can display your unique personality with your feet. I picked the ‘stars and moons’ style. $12. Sizes S (5-6), M (7-8), L (9-10), XL (11-12).


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