Time To Consider Your Winter Wear

Fall is in the air

The temps are dropping and it’s time to bundle up. Here are a few recommendations for chilly October:

Mountain Hardwear Yumalina pant will be your favorite all-season hiking pant when the temps go below 40. Super comfortable, flattering fit for a fleece-lined pant that has a high waist to keep your back parts protected in all outdoor pursuits. $85

Acorn Slouch Boots are perfect for lounging around the condo.  Slipper sock comfort, microfleece lining, and rubber sole for indoor & outdoor wear. $48.

Acorn Slouch Boot

Joshua Tree Organic Healing Salve  Anyone with dry, chapped, cracked skin will love this balm. Moisturizes and promotes healing without softening those calluses you created climbing and paddling this summer to protect your high-use spots. $19


Winter deserves a winter pack; a bag that carries all of your essentials, keeps them dry, accessible It’s just big enough to carry an extra pair of gloves, money, phone, snack, keys and probably a little bit more. It’s low profile so you don’t have to take it off on the chair lift and keeps the stuff inside dry. The best part is the ski loop. I have 151cm skis and am 5’8”. Needless to say when you have a lot of gear (skis, poles, gloves, boots, goggles, helmet, toe warmers, etc) carrying all these things, especially skis is very cumbersome. Not anymore. The ski loops is my favorite part of this bag. I can put my skis and my helmet on the bag and probably my poles (I didn’t try) on this bag and throw it on my back. My second favorite thing is the insulated water hose and bladder. The bladder sits right next to your back under some padding. I’ve had hydration packs freeze while skiing and it’s super annoying. This pack didn’t freeze. I’ll keep texting it in lower degrees and see if it holds up but I have no doubt it will. I know it’s a bit expensive but it’s worth every penny and then some. Probably my best ski purchase this year.

Molehill Fleece Cozy Bunting Suit is not only breathtakingly adorable but the one-piece three-season fleece with hood, full front and back zippers  for easy entry and exit, has a micro-ripstop outer to reject wind and rough snowplay. The sleeves and pants fold over to protect feet and hands so you’ll never struggle to locate lost booties and mittens. $32. 



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