Another Print Pub Bites The Dust


Got this letter this morning. Sigh.

To all our friends and advertisers:

Due to Frontier Airlines’ escalating fuel costs and the terms of our publishing agreement, the costs to distribute the Wild Blue Yonder magazine going forward is unsustainable. Therefore, this announcement is the official notice that effective December 31, 2011 we will cease publishing the Wild Blue Yonder magazine for Frontier Airlines. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you all for your business and well wishes over the years, as this was a labor of love for all involved.

All the best.


David A. Henry


It’s not that the number of media outlets is shrinking faster than a dude’s yahoo in a cold swimming pool but the number of talented, available newly crowned freelance writers is flooding the market. Damn. More competition. I hate competition because I’m super competitive. Thanks, Dad. Luckily the ski season is here and I start my ski instructor’s gig at Canyons this week. It’s only a scheduled 15 days but I can always work more if I want (and if there’s snow and if there’s business). Then there’s that plan to be a big movie star and mediator. Goals are good.

Sorry to hear you’ll be out of a job, Mr. Henry, and that we didn’t have a chance to work together at Wild Blue Yonder; but trust me when I say you’ll land on your feet in an even better situation. Working for yourself rocks. And there’s always the resort industry. 🙂


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