Cotopaxi Questival 2017 Returns To Highlight Utah

Questival 2017

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What began as a one-off for outdoor gear brand Cotopaxi in 2014, the 24-hour adventure scavenger hunt that takes place in over 50 North American locations, circles back to its home state for Questival 2017, and there’s still time to register!

This zany, all-consuming trek gets teams of 2-6 friends to complete some 300+ “challenges” (from doing a yoga pose in the wilderness to give a dollar to a homeless person) while earning points, bonding with teammates and checking off adventures from your bucklist.

The Questival event kicks off with a welcome party Friday July 28, 2017, 6 p.m., with live music and food trucks, where you get your list of challenges, the Cotopaxi swag backpacks and a “totem.”  As you complete a challenge you take a photo with the totem to prove you’ve succeeded and upload it to the free Questival app.  Different challenges are worth a certain number of points.

The categories of Questival 2017 challenges range from adventure and survival to service and social media. You can ride a slide at a public park for two points or drive to a national park for 30 points. You’ll wrack up the most points by completing the outdoor challenges over the urban ones. There is time to get a little sleep as well. You gain additional points by turning off the app from 1 a.m.- 5 a.m.

questival 2017

The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn. (Here is the list of last year’s challenges). The top ten point-scoring teams will then move onto “peer judging”. All Questival 2017 competitors will swipe left or right on photos and videos submitted by teams. Back in the day, winning teams could get an all-expense paid trip to Machu Picchu. Now they get prize packs with airline vouchers and gear worth approx. $4200 per team.

In the end, you’re competing against thousands of your neighbors in a fun, friendly, albeit frenetic, event so even if you don’t come close to one of those 10 spots you’ll come out a winner, learning more about your city, your friends and your stamina.

Questival 2017


To here learn more about Cotopaxi and Questival 2017.


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