Everest To Ban Newbies??




Nepalese officials say they will ban beginners from making the trek up Everest. The decision to quarantine the epic peak was apparently made to lessen crowds and protect the safety of everyone else who makes the journey in the wake of recent catastrophes including last April’s avalanche. There’s also thought of preventing the disabled, seniors and climbers under 18 from reaching the top of the world’s highest mountain as well.

Kripasur Sherpa, the country’s tourism minister, told The Guardian the rules should go into effect by next spring when hundreds of climbers from around the world begin the 29,029 summit. Climbers wanting a permit for Mount Everest would need to show proof they have scaled peaks above 6500 metres (21,325 feet).

It used to be that only the best of the best attempted Everest. Now, anyone who can afford a guide or outfitter can pay to risk their lives. Sherpa related this to “legal suicide” and added that these people are a hazard not only to themselves but everyone there; as well, they would be incapable of helping other climbers in an emergency.

In addition to weeding out newbies, officials are also looking at stopping the “feeble” from the climb. “The disabled or visually impaired people usually need someone to carry them, which is not an adventure. Only those who can go on their own will be given permission,” Sherpa said. Enforcement plans, however, have not been disclosed.

“There’s a reason why they have to do this stuff,” said Park City, Utah’s, Chris Waddell and first parapalegic to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, “But I’d hate to see them categorically eliminate a group because of assumptions. I don’t agree with that. Eric Weinhenmayer climbed all seven summits blind. Don’t be so stringent that they eliminate people who could really do it.”

The World Travel Council states that tourists spent $508 million in Nepal in 2014, supporting 487,500 jobs. No telling at this time whether the ban will affect tourism dollars.


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