Fast Food Comes To Deer Valley


It’s self-serve; it’s cheap(er), it’s right on your way to the slopes. McDonald’s it’s not but Quincy’s Frozen Yogurt should make a splash at the Snow Park Lodge this winter and beyond. When asked last year if DV had any ski-thru food kiosks, I got a resounding “no!” Exclamation point included. Guess they changed their mind.


You can’t technically ski thru to grab a cup but if you want a filling snack for $3.50- $6, that’s more substantial than a chocolate chocolate chip cookie or slice of carrot cake it’s worth a peak into NextGen DV (formerly Kindersport) on the lower level of Snow Park. The kids clothing store isolated the front section for two self-serve Yocream machines and up to nine topping dispensers.

The yogurt itself is more like soft-serve ice cream instead of that tangy sorbetish stuff you find at Juicy Berry. Kids will love it. The toppings range from the usual Reese’s Pieces and Gummie Bears but opt for the housemade crushed cookies on your treat.




Wonder how they’re going to keep all those fancy, expensive ski outfits from Patagonia, Marker, Volkl, Bogner, and Spyder clear of sticky fingers? The carpets are “yogurt-free zones.”

Quincy’s- named after one of DV’s mascots- is open until 5 pm throughout the season.


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  • Adam

    atleast it’s not burger king

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