No Place to Live; The Park City Rental Dilemma


It’s a total Catch-22. You get a resort job and there’s no place to live. It’s getting harder and more expensive to find a seasonal Park City rental. Landlords want a year lease and solo tenants, and tenants want to live three to a room, from November-March. Impasse, much? Oh, and we’d like it to be $700/mo or less.

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Let’s Get Realistic

Even if you aren’t looking for your own place it’s going to cost you at least $700+ a month. It’s even more if you want to live alone; and with a pet.

Deer Valley and Park City offer employee housing but it’s scarce and dormlike. Plus, if you aren’t a ski instructor, liftee, etc. you’re not welcome to it. So now, you might be pulling your hair out trying to find a Park City rental; especially if you aren’t local.

Where do you start to look?

Here’s the bad news- you should have started looking for a Park City rental back in August. What the hell were you waiting for? The right moment? The perfect match of charm and price? The good news is you still have about two months before it becomes slim pickings and desperation. I like to start leases December 1 because I know how easy it is to find renters. As a landlord, I know I can get my place rented in two days at that time. But I’m not on a busline, and it’s a one-year lease. The busline/month-to-monthers are gone by November.park city rental

Tips For Finding A Park City Rental


Almost Forgot This Pointer

One other thing I forgot to mention was to contact the HR departments at Deer Valley and Park City. They often will keep a folder of available rentals.

If all else fails, save your money for a reliable car, rent a place in Salt Lake City and commute.

Good Luck!!


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