Park City Residents Weigh In- Vailisker v PCMR


Vail Resorts is telling Park City what they want to hear. In the wake of the eviction notice Talisker Land Holdings slapped on Park City Mountain Resort last week, Vail Resorts said in a prepared statement that they will not interfere with PCMR’s operations this season.

Kelly Ladyga, the vice president of corporate communications, has routinely opted out of commenting on the TLH lawsuit but finally spoke out.

“As we have previously stated, under the terms of our agreement with Talisker in connection with our lease of the Canyons, we have assumed oversight of the litigation between Talisker Land Holdings LLC and Park City Mountain Resort. We have an obligation to protect and preserve Talisker’s and our interest in this matter. We are concerned with the behavior that Park City Mountain Resort has demonstrated in this situation. Talisker issued Park City Mountain Resort the Notice to Quit as a necessary legal step to bring this issue to the Court and we anticipate that there will be a number of actions required to bring this dispute to closure. With that said, there is no intent by Talisker to take any action that would prevent PCMR’s ability to operate their resort during the upcoming 2013-2014 ski season. We are very cognizant of the importance of this situation to the entire Park City community and we look forward to bringing this situation and its uncertainty to a conclusion.”

Talisker claims Park City Mountain Resort missed the deadline to renew their $155,000 annual lease and backdated their letter of intent to renew, thus showing bad faith in this case.

Local attorneys speculate that PCMR will request a restraining order on the eviction. The Resort’s most recent blog post indicates they are “not going anywhere…We’ve been here for 50 years and look forward to operating this season, the next 50 seasons, and 50 more after that.” But just in case any passholders were concerned or thought they should avoid buying a PCMR pass, the resort is fully guaranteeing it. “In the unlikely event we have to shut down for all or part of the winter, you get the appropriate refund. No questions asked. And no restrictions,” the blog says.

The court of public opinion seems torn on the issue. As one reader commented: I don’t see PCMR charging us pass prices from 50 years ago so why do they expect to pay rent prices from 50 years ago? Michael R agreed: I’ve lived in Park City for 20 years. I had no idea they were paying $155k (Vail is paying $25 million to lease Canyons) and they are clearly not passing on the savings to season passholders.  But Aaron Blunt believes in the fight. “Just like everyone else on the PCMR team from Jenni Smith to the food staff at Legacy, there is passion and desire. That alone is enough to fuel what it will take to continue the stand and put Talisker/Vail in their place. My life, my mountain.”


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