Snowfall, Where Are Thou?


The skiing’s good. No, seriously, I expected to be sliding around on hardpack today at Alta after a whole week of 50-degree days but the windbuff had me smiling. The wind itself didn’t, but what was under my feet came as a pleasant surprise. Even off-piste it was soft and chalky. I stayed out all day and played around. I used my shaped ‘rock’ skis just in case but I never even came close to a rock.

We stopped for lunch at 12:30 pm in time to watch the wind outside rage. And here I gripe- WTH happened to the curly fries at Goldminer’s? They were my favorite part of lunch but alas, they have lost out to those dastardly ‘straight’ fries.

Back on the hill we made only two more runs because of the 50 mph constant wind and blowing snow that made visibility irrelevant.

The report says 4-7″ by morning. It was raining back at my house in Park City by 4 p.m. I called up to Snowbird and it was raining at 6:30 p.m. The rain, however, changed to snow by 9 p.m.

Check out the Ski Utah Snow Report at 7 a.m. to find out what really fell tonight.

See you on the slopes!


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  • btw, there is still only limited terrain open- no Supreme, the High High T super boney, etc. more will open as the base grows. Pray for snow!

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