Utah Ski Area Opening Dates

ski area opening

It snowed last night; it’s going to snow all weekend. That’s mountain weather for you but all of a sudden my inbox is full of ski area opening dates and news. People, today was the first day of Autumn! If you’re getting excited about the recent storms, put a lid on it.

Having snow on the ground is simply a tease for the local resorts to hype up their advertising and get you to think winter skiing (and start spending money on a vacation). Nothing’s open until Thanksgiving so you can’t ski new snow anyway but who cares?! Further, there are no predictions of a successful snow year tied to snowfall in September.

Ski area Opening Dates

Photo by Lisa Densmore Ballard

I guarantee you that it will all melt next week. We’re still rock climbing and mountain biking around here. Only a few dumb-asses are hiking for one run on snow-covered grass so please stop sending me your resorts-covered-in-snow photos. I have nearly two months for pre-season training.

As of Friday 9/22/17, we still have 56 days until the lifts start spinning in Utah.


Utah Resort Opening Dates:


Alta Ski Area: November 22

Beaver Mountain: TBD

Brian Head Resort: November 17

Brighton Resort: As Early As Possible

Cherry Peak Resort: December 18

Deer Valley Resort: December 2

Eagle Point Resort: December 21

Nordic Valley Resort: December 9

Park City Mountain: November 17

Powder Mountain: TBD

Snowbasin Resort: November 22

Snowbird Resort: November 22

Solitude Mountain: December 2

Sundance Mountain Resort: December 8


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