Adventure Dog Gear


When you’re an outdoor hound it doesn’t take long to find the brands that bark to you. These are the brands created not only for rugged friends but for the world they play in. Planet Dog has always been one of my faves- not just because of the cool people that work there; not just because they donate 2 percent of every sale to the Planet Dog Foundation to fund their national grant program- but mostly because dogs love their gear!

I knew the minute I brought Moki home he’d be one big adventure and my puppy care package from Planet Dog came to the rescue.


The Baby Blanket Buddy comes in two super soft, squeekable sizes. The starfish shaped stuffed toy is perfect for a snuggle. The fabric naturally absorbs familiar scents to keep your pup feeling right at home. Of course, it’s machine washable.

When you want to say, “Good boy!” but their little puppy mouths can’t get around a Milkbone, try these teeny all-natural Eats. I still have to break them in half for my pup but then that just doubles the yum.

The On The Go Snack Sack gives you a place to put those treats when you’re out for a training session or on a trail. It’s got a top cinch and Velcro belt loop just like a chalk bag to keep everything in its place.


For bigger kibble there’s the On The Go Feedbag. The clipping, roll top and tough poly-nylon fabric make it ideal for roadtripping. Just don’t leave the food in your car forever. Mice will love to chew through it.


Put a handful of pet food in the On The Go Bowl and when he’s done I can collapse it, roll it, and stuff it into the glove box.

After dinner, it’s play and chew time with toys made from specially formulated Orbee-Tuff material- durable enough to withstand the teething habits of a pup, yet soft enough to be gentle on a pup’s teeth. The Tuff bone is minty, buoyant, recyclable and 100% guarantee

Finally, there was a Shammy for cleaning up muddy pups. It’s a hyper-absorbent, compact towel made from recycled wood chips that you can use even when damp.

Also in my care package was a fleece-lined hemp collar and leash. Moki is a tad too small for these but now we have something to look forward to as he grows!


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