Doggy Treat Dangers. READ NOW!


The news is on fire over hundreds of dogs dying from jerky treats made in China. Cats are also affected. The illness doesn’t discriminate among size, breed or age so toss the junk if you have it. More than 600 dogs have died and over 3,500 so far are sick. Supposedly, jerky treats from chicken, duck and sweet potato are doing the evil but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can’t pinpoint a specific brand or the causative agent.

Signs your pet has been infected may include vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, lethargy, or weakness. About 30 percent show signs of kidney failure or urinary problems.

For more information – please read:

Officials from the FDA need pet owners and veterinarians to report back on any issues with a pet to help figure out what and why this is happening. Testing for contaminants has led to zero results.

Report a problem in your dog here.
For details on this newest recall – go to New Dog Food and Treat Recalls.
Here is a list of other recent recalls:

This is just a reminder for you to check the list frequently. You can also sign up here for email alerts of recalls.

Check Your Cupboards!

As soon as I heard about this recall I grabbed the bag of Zuke’s Mini Naturals I use to train Takoda. First, a big seal in the upper right corner says “Made in the USA”. Good. But because the FDA doesn’t require a company to list where each ingredient comes from I looked further down:

Chicken was the number one ingredient!

I consulted the Zuke’s website and found under the FAQ section:

All of our products are guaranteed made in the USA and all of the meat, fruit, and veggies are sourced from the USA as well (with the exception of the Rabbit and the Venison, which come from New Zealand).



My dog has learned tricks form basic obedience to ‘cover your eyes’ with the Mini Naturals. They have less than 4 calories per piece with wholefood antioxidants like cherries, rosemary and tumeric in them. Plus, Zuke’s donates a portion of every sale to the Dog and Cancer Fund. $2.99 on Amazon right now!

Another brand I use to treat my dog is Spring Naturals. He loves the Grain Free Treats made with turkey, salmon, chickpeas, spinach, blueberries, cranberries, flaxseed, apricots, dandelion greens, apples and molasses. “Every recipe is made with only select, market-quality ingredients from sources in the United States. So with the help of some very smart animal nutritionists who shared our passion for pets, Spring Naturals was born. Welcome to a fresh new era in pet nutrition.”

Sounds great to me…and him!



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