Last Minute Gifts For the Mountain Dog


When you’re hanging up those stockings and wrapping gifts for under the tree, don’t forget your ‘other’ child. Here are a few last minute gift ideas to make your pooch want to lick the beard off Santa.

Rover will shred the wrapping when he spies the Hide-A-Squirrel dog toy. The plush “log” comes with three, cute squeaky squirrels that taunt him from various openings. Your dog scatters the squirrels and you stuff them back in the log making it a toy for both of you. Bonus- since he’s ‘removing’ the rodents it’s like pulling stuffing from a normal plushy so he’s less apt to rip them apart. $18.

Nothing like doggy treat crumbs lining your pockets, right? Keep your gloves on and the crumbs out with the Lickety Stik by PetSafe. It looks like roll-on deodorant but dispenses a liquid that tastes like bacon, chicken, cheese, peanut butter, beef or liver pets will flip for. You can feel good knowing it’s low calorie and made with natural ingredients. $6.99.

A leash that not only looks tough but can take a good beating is what you’ll want this year. The Mountain Leash is a thick nylon rope with high impact and water resistant hardware to hold up whether it’s being dragged through snow and mud or used as a chew toy. $18.39.

Those without dogs may consider a kennel akin to cruelty but dogs think of them as home. The Petmate Vari Kennel Ultra is the perfect solution for security while you’re out for long ski days or when you want to keep your dog from getting mud and snow everywhere. The ‘protective’ playpen is made of heavy-duty, easy to clean plastic, that offers tons of venting and an interior floor ‘moat’ to keep your friend dry. It’s airline and car safe and will withstand impact if there’s an accident or skis slip. $79.99,

Toss him a Snowball that won’t disintegrate. The Orbee-Tuff Snowball is the world’s first doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy, minty rubber ball that’s 100 guaranteed, non-toxic, recyclable, washable and non-melting. $9.95.


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