Summer Fun With Your Pup

Dogs having summer fun

With Covid-19 cramping everyone’s social style last year, it seemed simple to find things to do at home with your best friend. However, as the country begins to awaken, the possibilities for summer fun with your pup abound. Here’s a (brief) list to get your mind churning and your booty moving for these upcoming dog days of summer. 

Summer Fun Ideas

  1. Give him a bath. This may not sound like fun but when it’s 80+outside, you’ll be laughing and appreciating those moments when he showers you with soapy water and smells clean and fresh for the rest of the activities on the list! BTW, a firm hand on the scruff of his neck will prevent him from shaking off. 

    1. Invite all your dog parent friends to meet you at the park for a playdate.
    2. Grab a dog hike book and start ticking off trails in your hood. My favorite ones in the Wasatch include Spiro Trail, Stewart Falls, Fifth Water Hot Springs, Smith and Morehouse Trail, Fehr Lake.
    3. Mix up the path you take on your daily walk.
    4. Go for a swim. Some local parks have ponds for dogs while some cities even allow dogs in pools!
    5. Spoil your dog with homemade treats
      Dog treat shaped like a paw
    6. Teach your pup a new trick. Not only does it show off his smarts but keeps their brain healthy and active.

    7. Go for a ride. It may not be safe to let them hang their heads out a window but your dog loves a change of scenery as much as you do. Just don’t leave them alone in a hot car!
    8. Spend a night under the stars at a dog-friendly campsite. Unless you are in a national park, most campgrounds allow dogs but always double check.

      YETI Trailhead Dog Bed

    9. Check out a dog-friendly restaurant, brewery or coffee shop.
      Dog sitting at a restaurant table
    10. Play a game of fetch with a new ball or frisbee.


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