Restaurant Review: Eating Establishment Snubs Its Roots

original pancake house slaughters eating establishment

The Eating Establishment in Park City, a popular locals’ spot for breakfast and brunch, has now joined the cadre of pretentious Main Street restaurants.

Bought by The Edison Alley Group and “Modern Family” star and Bar X and Beer Bar owner Ty Burrell last spring, the Double EE, as it was affectionately called, underwent a remodel, a significantly streamlined menu, and a fancy cocktail bar with a liquor license allowing for drinks starting at 10 a.m. (BTW, this is the only place in town with a license to sip before lunch. Woohoo, right?). And since all of these “improvements” don’t pay for themselves, what you get is a $45 breakfast for two.

The service itself is spotty. Our waiter barely spoke English so it took three trips to the kitchen to get the right order and ‘over-hard’ eggs that didn’t ooze everywhere. The potatoes were lukewarm and soggy, the coffee bitter and the rest just ok. But don’t worry, even though the portions are small, they’re still filling thanks to all of the extra grease and butter they swim in.

The Eating Establishment has whittled its generous breakfast menu and retooled the dinner one. The atrium space now has a floor-to-ceiling bar with the most boring wood face you’ll find in Park City. If you’re looking for that western atmosphere and a delicious cocktail, however, you’re better off spending the same money at High West Distillery. Note- High West doesn’t serve breakfast.

The EE continues to draw a busy breakfast scene and the faux mountain décor (it was actually real before the new owners got ahold of it) will please tourists walking Main Street in search of that “Old Town” vibe. But locals, once again, have been pushed out as this incarnation sets its sights on becoming Park City’s new destination for expert craft cocktails and coffee. “We want to be the place to get a drink on Main Street,” said an EE rep.

So with No Worries closed and the EE transfigured, where can a local (or someone who wants to eat like one) get a decent all-American breakfast without choking on the check?

Main Street Deli

Good Karma

Wasatch Bread and Bagel

Yep, only three right now. Will the owner of the Original Pancake House please step forward!?

original pancake house slaughters eating establishment



  • Peter Wodinsky

    Squatters Roadhouse?

    • Last time I ate there, wasn’t impressed but every season is different because we have such high employee turnover. Maybe they’ve gotten a better chef? I LOVE Squatters in SLC!

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