2016 Utah State Fair Roams Into Town


It was time to grab a deep-fried Oreo, watch dogs fly and jugglers juggle as the Utah State Fair wheeled into Salt Lake City last week. 

The 10-day event brings together the best of carnie rides, livestock (ie ginormous pigs), touring rock bands, greasy foods, boots and boobs. The Fair is a lookie-loo’s paradise!




Blues Traveler, the 90s blues rock band, energized the grandstand and had I known that your fair ticket got you in, I would have been all over that! Instead, I assumed that you had to purchase separately. I’m an idiot.


What we did know was included was the circus and the Canine flyers; and the rows of sheep, chickens, pigs, milk cows, beef cows, pigeons, rabbits and baby animals to pet and observe. There were also cooking competitions, craft-making contests and a family donut stringing comp. Unfortunately, the demolition derby was axed because the arena is closed for construction.  

Sage tried to take it all in. Have a walk with her if you missed this year’s Fair then diet like crazy so you’re ready for all of the fair food in 2017.


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