Duelling Pianos at Kimball Junction


It’s been a long time since Club Suede’s owners left the country, leaving the Junction’s only nightclub and live music venue shuttered amid rumors of controversy and fines. Though the upstairs bar, lounge and concert venue at Kimball Junction is still on the seller’s block, a new hotspot is finally emerging. Molly Blooms, Irish Pub and Burger Bar, will be rocking the northside of Park City with dueling pianos. The idea sprang from long-time local singer/songwriter Rich Wyman and buddy Michael Rogers. The two play Dec. 29 (next Saturday night) then hand off the podium to guest pianists every Saturday night during the winter.

Molly Blooms owner Gregg Davison told The Park Record, “I was thoroughly impressed by the quality, the entertainment value and the interaction with the crowd [at the Tavernacle Dueling Piano Bar in Salt Lake City]. I knew I just needed to get that show in Molly Blooms.”

Jamming at the Tavernacle

If you’ve never witnessed a dueling piano event, hold onto your seats. The vibe is electric. It’s essentially karaoke with the whole room singing to live piano music and no autotuner.

Bar goers fill out request forms, donate some green and sit back and wait to hear their song. The more you pay, the sooner the tune. Guests can even pay to make the song stop. A bidding war could potentially start between those who want the song to continue and those who don’t.

“It’s not a scripted show, but we do have a couple of songs in our back pockets to keep the show rolling or to interject some energy,” Wyman told the Record. “We also have laptops with us, so we can call up the chords of songs we’re not quite familiar with.”

The main room is designed around two baby grand pianos with concerts beginning at 9 p.m. Molly Blooms is open to all ages until 10 p.m. because the spot between Park City Coffee Roasters and the Kimball Post Office is also a restaurant. That makes for a great way to end the evening with the family. Burger and blues coming up!

Reservations are suggested. (435) 645-0844.

Other after-hours venues in Kimball Junction:

Jupiter Bowl, 435.658.BOWL (2695).

Maxwell’s, 435.645.7468


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