Locals’ Days Coming To PC Main Street


by altopower


It’s still not free parking 24/7 but downtown Main Street is trying- just a little- to lure us locals to Main Street this fall. You can already use those 2-for-1 coupons in the Park Record and Restaurant.com for dining deals around town. Now, they’ve added this “Shown’ the Love” program Thursdays from 5-8 p.m. through October 20. First off, we get free parking all day. Then there are discounts up to 25 percent at retailers and 50 percent at restaurants. You don’t have to ‘prove’ you’re local, just mention the offer to see if you get a deal. You know, say something like, “Can I get a locals’ discount?” It works for me at Park City Bread and Bagel, and the owner of Wasatch Bagel LOVES locals. If you ask me, the best thing Historic Park City can do to get us into town and away from all the fun stuff at Kimball Junction is to crush those f*&king meters into dust. If they’re worried about squatters, enforce the same two hour limit that’s on Park Avenue near the Art Center.

Oh, and please coordinate the lights on HWY224 so it doesn’t feel like we’re navigating the 405. Thank you.

To see specific deals at participating businesses, head over to www.historicparkcityutah.com.


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