Park City Arts Fest This Weekend!


The Park City Arts Fest starts tonight and I won’t kid you; the downtown area becomes a zoo ten times worse than during Sundance and many of us locals run the other way. More than 200 vendors from 30 States and Canada exhibit mostly high-priced ‘art’ in booths that line Main Street. There’re all sorts of really cool items and I’ll post some photos after tonight. I like to go on the locals opening night stroll and leave the crowd scene to everyone else.

If you aren’t afraid of crowds then you will most likely dig the mingling vibe that arrives with the event. Artists from across North America are happy to hang and chat with you and share their stories. You will also undoubtedly run into those you already know.

The festival runs from Friday evening at 5:00pm through Sunday evening at 6:00pm all along Main Street. The $10 tickets go to support the Kimball Arts Center in Park City. There’re over-priced food and beer vendors at the top of the street but skip those and have a better-tasting sit-down meal at one of the several Main Street restaurants with patios.


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