Get Ready To Rock The Tram At Snowbird

rock the tram

You’ve heard the cliche- it’s like putting the Philharmonic in the bathroom?; well, how about putting the rock band in the Tram? But it ain’t no cliche. That’s exactly what’s happening and you may be invited to the party.

Clif GreenNotes, Snowbird, Protect Our Winters and Rock the Vote have teamed up to rock the Tram and inspire music fans and outdoor enthusiasts to raise their voices on climate change. A new, live music series. Just imagine one of the most intimate concert settings surrounded by awe-inspiring vistas and you’ve got a party in the iconic aerial ski tram at Snowbird Resort outside Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dubbed “Frontside Sessions”, this invite-only event will feature alternative indie rockers like Magic Giant who played on Jan. 31. Up next is indie rocker Ron Pope on Feb. 10. but there will be more throughout the season. Each artist will perform an acoustic mini-concert to an intimate audience of about 80, inside one of Snowbird’s trams.

rock the tram

Why Rock The Tram?

Climate change is real and it’s directly threatening the future of snow sports. This new series seeks to encourage people to vote for leaders who support positive action on climate change. As greenhouse gas emissions rise, winters have become shorter, snowpack is diminishing and more frequent wildfires are threatening ski towns. A recent study found that of 19 past Winter Olympics host cities, half or fewer will have weather conditions by 2050 suitable for hosting again.

Through a synergistic effort of three mutually committed organizations, this party will mobilize the outdoor sports community to help make a change. Clif GreenNotes, a program of Clif Bar & Company, works with artists, fans, festivals and nonprofits to drive social change. Protect Our Winters leads the charge towards positive action on climate change. Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan, nonprofit dedicated to building the political power of young people.

How To Get A Party Pass

To get rocking on the Tram you’ll have to visit and start earning points by:

–        Pledging to vote or signing up for election reminders through Rock the Vote

–        Signing up for the Protect Our Winters newsletter and encouraging others to do so via social media

–        Sharing a special link to with friends via social media

Every action will increase the chance for participants to earn a ticket to one of the live performances. Top point earners nationwide who can’t attend a concert will be eligible to receive special autographed memorabilia from one of the performers. All winners will be notified three days prior to each show.


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