Walls are Meant For Climbing

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Walls aren’t for isolation. They are structures that invite people to gather and commune.  The wall is a place for the climbing community to come together to test themselves, build trust, and strengthen bonds.

The North Face created a global brand program in 2018 called “Walls Are Meant for Climbing,” and it’s back August 24, 2019. The program aims to counter the divisions we’re witnessing globally by inviting people to find trust in community.

Building on the success of the last year, TNF has partnered with dozens of climbing gyms and facilities worldwide to celebrate Global Climbing Day (August 24, 2019) and will be offering free climbing opportunities in cities in the U.S., China, Canada, Europe, Nepal, Australia, Peru, Guatemala and more. The plan is to donate $1 for every person who climbs at one of the more than 150 participating gyms on August 24th- up to $100,000. Funds will go to Khumbu Climbing Center.

In the U.S. , TNF partnered with the Trust for Public Land to support the installation of public climbing walls in more communities, with a focus on underserved areas and making the sport more accessible to all. For example, the Montbello Open Space Park, near Denver. The 4.5 acre green park serves 40,000+ low-to moderate-income youth and families from the area. More public climbing boulders will be coming soon.

To celebrate the connections we make while climbing, The North Face is also releasing a limited series of “Walls are Meant for Climbing” products with designs in multiple languages to reflect the diverse communities participating in Global Climbing Day across the globe.

For more information on “Walls Are Meant for Climbing” and Global Climbing Day location events, visit thenorthface.com/walls.



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