Another One Bites the Dust?


I know I’m not supposed to let what happens to others affect me. Just because something good happens to someone else does not mean they’re better or I sucked. Unless of course they audition for the same role as I did and they got the part…but even then it could have been a million different reasons why someone was chosen over me. Look, age, hair color, height, weight, and, yeah, they did better in their audition. However, in this particular case I and this woman did not go out for the same part. I didn’t even read with her in the callback. Yet while she shared her joy on Facebook, I wallowed. F*&king Facebook. I can see why there are so many more depressed teens in the world today.

I’m still silently hoping that perhaps I too will get a call. After all, she did only hear from the director yesterday and there are several roles to fill. Maybe they’re not done casting. I felt pretty good about what I did in the callback but the night sorely dragged on and after two and half hours I’m asked back into the room to go another round with a different actor. I played off him differently because of how he was acting but it was still good. What do I know?

I’m going to blame my parents on this one. It’s their fault I’m so competitive. J The right parts always come along so if I’m meant to be cast in this project, it’ll happen. In the meantime, I have a callback on Saturday for a role I know totally works for me. Fingers crossed. And, oh yeah, can you please click this link to boost my rating. Apparently, casting directors care.

BTW- check out my new headshot! It’s one of four (I like variety). Shaun Anders did a great job, no?


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