Chronicling Ruby: Rehearsal

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The rehearsal went well I think.

Chris Adler had posted on Facebook that he was looking for a woman in her 30s, cough cough, to play the mom in his 6-page script. Unpaid, festival project. Normally, I stay away from these general solicitations, especially if I don’t think I’m a match, so I suggested a friend of mine. Next thing I know I’m getting a personal invite from Chris to play the role and no he doesn’t think I’m too old! I’m a sucker for personal requests. It means I’m doing something right. Plus, I love helping friends out; and I love acting every chance I get. In fact, I don’t have money for those crowdfunding sites but if someone wants me to blog or act for support I’m all over it. (But please, please, don’t ask me to be an unpaid extra. I have to draw the line somewhere.)

We had a brief evening yesterday brainstorming with Chris about wardrobe, characterization and blocking but because we’ll be shooting in a different (i.e. creepier) space this weekend we could only do so much. It was fun to see Sadie and her daughter Skyler in their home. Sage and I run into them a lot at auditions.

Skyler Day. Photo by Sally Meyer.

Sadie’s like the perfect mom so it makes perfect sense to have her coordinating this shoot. She’s super concerned that 12-year-old Sky nails her character and it’s flattering that they look to me for advice. She’s doing great but she’ll need to know her lines inside and outside. The short film we’re about to roll on is basically one giant, twisted monolog for her. I get to sit in a chair and look terrified and tortured. My part is harder. J No seriously, how many people can actually relate to being physically tortured by their own child? Not to mention that if Sage tried anything like this I’d have her down on the ground in an instant. That’s why I was attracted to this Demon Chaser short. 

It’s not every day you get to put this kind of scene on your reel. I’ve died in three shorts (well, in one I wasn’t really dead) and one feature but I’ve never played a victim. It’s not in my nature. Hence the professional challenge. I was about halfway there during the rehearsal. A part of me didn’t want to give anything away. It’s hard to rehearse for a horror pic. You don’t want to lose the surprises and nuances that happen when the camera’s rolling. Tomorrow, you add the set, the makeup, the clothes and the intensity and voile you’re in the moment. At least I hope that’s the way it’ll be for Sky and me.



So here’s how it turned out:



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