One Step Back


I’ve been on a roll. Short films, commercials, praises in acting class. Tonight I feel like I just had my legs cut off at the knees. The mojo’s been sucked out of me.

Was told tonight that my monologue was better three weeks ago than it was tonight. Ouch. And I have no clue how to make it better or fix it. I asked Jim but he said I’m supposed to figure it out for myself. I thought I had but obviously I’m lost on this piece. I’m a doer and all the talk in the world won’t help unless I have something concrete and practical to work on. Ryan said isn’t that what you pay a coach for? To coach? Not just to tell you you suck? All I got tonight was that I was trying too hard to be funny and that I should shelve the monologue and come back to it in a couple of months. Knowing me and how I work, that won’t make a difference. Sigh.

Comedy’s hard. I can nail any dramatic monologue and I definitely think I’m a funny person, so why is it that this monologue is such a bear? Jim’s right. It’s tired now. Everyone has heard it and heard the jokes. I still think it’s funny but …oh well.

Moving on to The Cable Guy.


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