Sundance Film Festival: Crashdance Motors Into Park City


Back in the day there was Xdance, TromaDance, CatDance, SchmoozeDance, ChefDance, LapDance, No Dance, and probably a few more. But the only surviving “dance” besides the king- aka Sundance Film Festival- is SlamDance- an additional indie film fest running concurrently (but on a much smaller scale) than Sundance. However, now, vanlifers and the public without screening passes, get ready for CrashDance!

Bruce!!!! creators are driving into Sundance with Crashdance to flip the script on not being officially selected to screen at the festivals. BRUCE!!!! directed by Eden Marryshow is a present day comedic feature in the spirit of the 80s and 90s films. Bruce is a man who is trying to live his “best” life in all the wrong ways.

The film was created to explore the side of those who refuse to take responsibility for the choices they make and must suffer the consequences. Hence, it’s a coming of age story about a man that’s probably too old to come of age.


The film had a production micro-budget of less than $5 thousand dollars. The post-production budget was less than $100 hundred thousand dollars. The shooting took 24 days in total in Brooklyn and Manhattan.


Bruce!!!! has already gotten buzz on the fest circuit- an official selection at the Urbanworld Film Festival, the Grand Jury Prize at The American Black Film Festival but was ignored by Sundance staffers.


Crashdance Doesn’t Get Mad, It Gets Even

Bruce!!!! filmmakers decided to pack up a sprinter van with a 32″ TV and sound system. They’re bringing the film to the people, hosting popup and digital screenings throughout the fest. The Bruce!!!! themed van will showcase the film as it takes festivalgoers to and from events during Sundance. Director and star, Eden Marryshow, said he got the inspiration for Crashdance from growing up in New York City where musicians didn’t wait for major labels to expose them. “All I saw were street marketing teams for Hip Hop and R&B labels doing the most amazing things to shine light on their music. [Band] logos logos everywhere in every way. So, this is my version, me paying respect to those that came before me, and bringing some of that energy and applying it to the film.”


The team will distribute a secret link to watch the film to watch between 8pm-2am from January 18th-25th.








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