Sundance Tickets Take Two


If you think you missed out on purchasing tickets for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, au contraire. You spared yourself hours of frustration and wasted time. The system went down. But organizers say that’s all in the past and will relaunch their sales site at noon MST, Thursday, Oct. 29.
Ticket sales on October 14, 2015, were shut down after about an hour when buyers started getting error messages on checkout. Organizers now promise a “seamless” purchasing experience. That said, the First Half Package, the Locals SLC/Ogden Pass, and the Locals 10-Ticket Package are expected to sellout quickly. Make sure you study the guide beforehand so you don’t ‘time out’ while ordering. Hint: Premieres, then Dramatic Competition films, sell the quickest.

In addition to last year’s change of eliminating registration for Individual Tickets, you won’t have to register for Festival Passes or Ticket Packages either. It’s a first come/first serve free for all until everything sells out. Sundance has also changed the names of their packages to help buyers more easily understand the offerings.

Here’s the decoder list:

First Half = (A) Thurs, Jan 21 – Tues, Jan 26

Second Half = (B) Wed, Jan 27 – Sun, Jan 31

Express Second Half Pass = Express Pass B

Eccles Theatre Second Half Pass = Eccles Pass B

Off Peak Hours Pass = Adrenaline Pass

Locals 10-Ticket Package = Film Lover’s Package

There’s also a $200 Festival credential if you prefer to skip the movies for the panels, music and off-screen events. But if you’re a Utah local a better deal would be the Locals 10-ticket package for $300 that gets you TWO credentials and TEN movie tickets for just $100 more.

If you’d rather avoid Main Street and Eccles mayhem, there’s a SLC Grand Theatre Pass and the SLC/Ogden 10-Ticket package this year. Stay in Salt Lake for less, get around easier with ample parking, and dine in restaurants that haven’t been shut down for private parties. Tickets are $20 this year so make sure you pick movies that also have a Q&A with filmmakers to get your money’s worth.

Individual tickets for locals go on sale January 14 (must have a Utah driver’s license or Utah state ID to pick up tickets) and a Sundance Institute Members online ticket sale will be on January 18. All remaining tickets will be on sale both online and at the Main Box Offices starting Tuesday, January 19 at 10:00 a.m.


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