The Night Before 48 Hours


I tried to sleep. I know that I needed to and wanted to but sleep wouldn’t come last night. And then when it did it was scary. I kept dreaming that I was deep in the middle of the 48 Hour Project and as we watched the dailies played back I looked on worried. What the hell were we watching? None of it made sense. The acting was decent but it was all shot under some foggy blue filter (noirish?) and the story was so out there that there was no story. I’d watch scene after scene wondering how this would be any kind of film let alone one that had a chance at winning. I desperately wanted to say something but I was afraid to step on toes. Maybe the director had a vision I wasn’t seeing. How do I communicate that what was being shot was garbage? I tossed and turned and jolted upright; slumped back against my pillow. It wasn’t real. At least not yet. Soon we would make something real; something that told a provocative story. Hell, something that told a story!

It’s a troubled night you have when you know you should sleep because it’s your only chance before the weekend. Starting now I’m up for the next 48 hours straight. I’ve had a nap today and now we await the genre selection……


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