Yeti Film Tour Celebrates American Rivers with Stories From The Wild


I stepped out of the rain and into High West Distillery tonight to join Yeti as they wandered into Park City for their Stories from the Yeti Wild Film Tour. First off, I have to admit that High West caters the best parties in Park City. The food and drinks- Dead Man’s Boot, yum!, can’t be beat. Ok, back to the affair. The garage area was wall-to-wall locals, there to not only watch some seriously cool short films but support American Rivers and their pledge to protect 5000 miles of rivers by 2018.

The organization fights for wild, free-flowing rivers (no dams), restores damaged and polluted rivers, and helps to preserve riverside land. Every dime collected at Yeti’s parties will go directly to the non-profit.

Yeti Film Tour Gets Flowing

Yeti’s partnership with AR is a natural marriage seeing as how their audience lives on the water and they tell these really awesome stories. My favorite of the night was part of the My Old Man series called The Last Best Man.

To say you weren’t a supporter of tonight’s event would be to say you don’t support clean water and flowing rivers. What happens to them effects all of us whether you love fishing or have never been on a boat. You have to applaud Yeti for their generous sponsorship, their platform for filmmakers’ voices and the bomber products they’ve crafted that travel easily between home and the wild.

If you are interested in learning more about the partnership or just want to be inspired by the films go to Yeti Stories.

By the way, make sure you pour a cold one into one of those slick Yeti tumblers when you kick back to watch the Yeti Film Tour!

YETI FIlm Tour


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