International Pro Skier Tryouts

International pro skier tryouts

Throwing it back to the days of neon, skinny skis and Hot Dog, Look Bindings + Pit Viper put together a fun, wild short featuring the fictional International Pro Skier Tryouts. This could be a legit thing if the current ski landscape wasn’t filled with safety Karens and liability questions. Ah, the good old days!

Who remembers the Chinese Downhill? This competition will come down to the fastest, the highest, the most extreme lines ever shred by Spandex-clad skiers on straight skis. I’m still impressed by the gal jumping rope in ski boots! It’s Sander Badley vs. Turbo at the International Pro Skier Tryouts. Who will finish with all the glory?

Oh, and it was filmed at Snowbird!


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