SkiFi Defies The Notion That You Need A Ski Area To Ski


Time for a ski teaser. Real Skifi 15: “Riding on nothing in Stockholm” demonstrates that you don’t need to wait for the chairlifts to turn (or snow to fall for that matter) in order to enjoy a good ski outing.

The Finnish skiing collective Real Skifi has been dubbed as some of the sports true
innovators. In Episode 15, they visit a snow free Stockholm, Sweden. This forces them to
be more creative than ever.

The Backstory

Real Skifi hails from Jyväskylä, Finland and consist of riders Verneri Hannula, Ilkka Hannula,
Juho Kilkki, director Janne Korpela, and filmer Anton Geier. Their quirky films are part of the urban skiing movement where cities become a creative playground.
A hallmark for the Real Skifi films has always been the crew’s relentless hunger for stretching the boundaries of where it is possible to ski. This ambition faced an extreme challenge when the riders found themselves in Stockholm completely without snow.

See how they overcame it in the film below.




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