Snowblades Only Win In Film


It’s hilarious that folks choose to ski on snowblades beyond the 90s. When I taught teens at Deer Valley Resort we spent at least a day per week gliding all over the mountain and pissing off older guests.

Those little skis have been an effective training tool for balance and edging but there should come a time when you hop back on real skis.


Photo courtesy Rose Davies

Just Say No To Snowblades

When snowblades become your sticks of choice, go ahead and have fun, but please don’t call yourself an expert… unless you rock them like Mario Balzano.


Peruvian Lodge Bar Video Challenge

Local pro athlete Leo Ahrens directed this short for Alta’s annual Peruvian Lodge Bar video challenge. He took home the honors in 2015 and won it again in 2016 with this spoof of “blading”. The irony is that Mario is truly all about his blades. And really, only he can get away with it.


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