Uphill Flow


I was recently invited to attend Bike Press Camp 2015 where I began my love affair with eBikes. I’m no moped fan and this season’s collection of pedal-assist two-wheelers are far from those devices. One trail ride up behind Deer Valley’s St. Regis hotel and I was hooked.

Just look at what these babies can do. As the Raleigh rep said to me over and over again during our meeting, “You don’t have to kill yourself anymore.”



  • lawrernce adler md

    cost? How long to charge and how many hours to each charge?

    • Price varies depending on the brand and the type of bike. Average is about $1500 but goes up to $6k for a top of the line mountain ebike. Cloud 9 Sports in Draper, Utah, is extremely knowledgeable about those. Charging times are usually about 4 hours and the distances vary depending on your level assist. The bike I really liked came from Focus. Here’s a video review I found that talks all about the specific features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=451&v=R8XfzhoZg7g

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