Faces of Sundance 2013 pt 1


Photos by Me 😉

Movies come; movies go and so do the celebs that have “graced’ Park City, Utah, this weekend. Imagine kids at Disneyland taking pictures with Cinderella or Buzz Lightyear. Sundance is where adults get to stand next to their own ‘characters’.


I was heading up the street to catch a shuttle to the “House of Luxury” when I saw a crowd taking photos. In the middle was True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård being  a  good sport and posing with fans.













Inside the Fender Lodge, it was almost too tight to notice who was there but Adrian Grenier’s blue eyes draw attention no matter where he goes. I told Sage to pose and tell him how much she loved Entourage. Btw, she was wearing a sweet handmade dress from House of Minerva.











Crystal Bowersox became the unofficial headliner at the Koffeehouse Chateaux even though there were several outstanding singer/songwriters including Moi Navarro, Juliet Roberts and Adam Gaynor (guitarist from Matchbox 20) performing before and after her set. 











Mario Lopez with wife in tow interrupted all ongoing conversations with his presence at the TR Suites.



James Franco











James Franco took a seat on the couch for four hours at the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Gallery on Main fielding interviews with various reporters. You’re not wearing the Adidas jacket well, James. Photo courtesy Miles Masterson.







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