Jason Mraz Performs at Sundance’s BingBar


Bing Bar, one of the main venues and sponsors of this year’s Sundance Film Festival is at it again. You’re missing out if you’re not flowing them on Twitter (@teambing). It’s unusual that the average Joe can squeak into spots where E!Entertainment is holding court with A-listers, you can get free drinks and cappuccinos but Bing’s giving you’re a ‘in’. They’re tweeting special access to their events. You have to be on top of your game as they’ll announce “be one of the first 40 to tweet back…” but if you do get ready for an experience you’ll never forget.

Jason Mraz participated in a nooner speaker/series special at the BingBar in Park City Friday, Jan. 20. The guy is an amazing singer/songwriter and he again rose to the occasion of entertaining and connecting with an intimate group of fans.

He helped present an award to Utahn Dan Hedlund as the winner of the In Search of the Incredible campaign. Asus and Intel designed the contest as a way to hype their new N5 laptop by asking people around the globe to submit their ‘incredible’ life story. The winner would get to have their story made into a short film with the help of a professional film crew and acclaimed director Asif Kapadia of SENNA fame. He would also get the Asus N5.

The short was screened Friday afternoon in the BingBar to an intimate crowd of VIPs and lucky #TeamBing followers. Mraz put on an hour acoustic show immediately after and paid tribute to the late Etta James.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31U30as26WA&w=420&h=315]

I’ll probably get pummeled for making this next comment but Mr. Hedlund’s story didn’t really seem all that incredible. Not to belittle what he went through. As a cancer survivor myself I get how you believe your story is incredible. But he tells a journey that every single cancer patient takes. There really isn’t anything unusual or inspiring there. You get the diagnosis and you do what you must to survive. Outsiders say, “Wow, you’re so brave; you’re so strong” but it’s really called stepping up. Your only other choice is to roll over and die. His wife should have won the award. It’s a lot harder for those around you to stay strong and she never wavered.

But if you truly want to hear incredible stories of humanity read some of the bios from First Descents campers. Talk about your inspirations. For example, Tailz was 30 when he emerged after brain cancer surgery a blind man. He learned to fearlessly whitewater kayak with FD’s help and became a licensed massage therapist to help heal others. Being around these people- both the organizers and campers – made me want to be a better person. Me thinks Intel and Asus didn’t dig deep enough or market enough. Or maybe it’s that inherent flaw in the system when you ask the public to vote. I’ve always hated those popularity contests that depend more on how well you network than on the quality of your work. Just saying….

That said, congratulations on winning, Mr. Hedlund, and I loved the song you sang to your wife at the end of your movie.


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