Party Party Party on Sundance


I’m in. The line for the Skullcandy party wrapped around the building that housed the Downstairs nightclub on Main. It wasn’t moving. A thought dawned. I could go home. I could crawl into bed and rest my lids and accept the zzzs. But I go home every other night, every other time of the year (except when SIA was in Vegas). This was Sundance. The vibe is electric.

Then the line moved and I was in. Actually if I’m being honest, my friend Brian knows the CEO of Skullcandy and he got me in. The parties at Sundance are ridiculous. Ad agencies will build the hype for their clients, take 800 RSVPs for a spot with a max capacity of 100 then make everyone stand outside in the cold for an hour to make a tiny party where pretentious people stand around an open bar look popular. And don’t get me started on the doorguys. Most are local Park City dudes with a power complex. If you party regularly in Park City, you’re in. They don’t care what names are on what list. If they like you, you’re in. But I’m sure it’s the same in any city. The problem is when it happens to be 16 degrees outside. On the bright side, there are almost as many parties as there are films so try someplace else because “the list” doesn’t really matter. But sometimes it does. You just never know.

Zoe Kravitz and Chris Pine Photo Courtesy Skullcandy

Some parties you go just to say you were there; they offer nothing but a change of venue. Some are more intimate like The Agency’s Owners Lounge at the base of the Village at the Lift where you can stop in for a drink, some cheese and crackers, and actually have a conversation.

The OL was coordinated by developers of Victory Ranch near Kamas, Utah. The luxury home sites are attracting all sorts of Hollywood bigwigs as the investors/realtors have roots in that industry. I appreciated meeting everyone as they are now “Parkites” and my neighbors- even if they are “the beautiful people” and way out of my league.

Moving to the Downstairs I knew it would be more my scene- ski bums and Redbull. I came to support the local headphone giant and hear good live music. Zoe Kravitz and her band Lolawolf were about to rock the house.

photo courtesy Skullcandy

I prefer parties with something more. On my dance card is ChefDance (LOOOOVE Chefdance, more on that later), ICM/Beaulieu Vineyard reception, Louisiana International Film Festival Mascarade, the Filmmakers Press Reception, the BMI Snowball, and my all-time favorite bash, Catdance- the Catdance happens tonight.

It’s their third year in a row and the buzz is building. I mentioned to someone that I was ‘on the list’ and they said they had heard it was one of the best parties at Sundance. I can’t say they’re wrong. The location has moved so we’ll see if that makes a difference tonight. Tune into @pcskigal on Twitter to find me.

P.S. Please don’t ask me if I can get you in somewhere. It’s super hard and I’m often struggling just to get one friend to come in with me. Your best bet is to network during the day and take names and numbers. You’re golden when you know the doorguy or the head of the party. Or, if you’re extremely hot with lots of hot friends. And don’t fear, some of the best bars in town are open to everyone and filmmakers like to hideout there too. No Name, O’Shucks, The Spur, Butchers, Cisero’s, Flanagans, Prime (if you’re a winedrinker). Good luck!!


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