Style Lounging at the Sundance Film Festival


Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge has a certain kind of cache. Maybe it’s just the way the organizer tags her personal name to the front. Usually I’m good at going for what I want. I see something interesting, ask for it and it’s mine. Yet at The Style Lounge there was this air of aristocracy. The gifting lounge was set up in a way that VIPs/celebs had to cruise into small individual rooms to meet with companies. So then you had to wait for someone to leave the room before you could enter it. Where TR was a crazy fun scene, The Style Lounge was a well-oiled machine of sophistication. In fact, I didn’t feel comfortable meeting with a leather jacket company and a denim company. I skipped those rooms. Me! Go figure. And even when I the ‘C Studios‘ room it was like, um, where’s your publicist and name card (ie. Who are you?).

They were trying to show off their computer prowess as an internet app builder. This actually had a lot of promise for me. I’m looking to create an app for my Utah dog hikes library. Can We Meet is a social networking app where users can connect and meet up at nightclubs. Sundance being the ultimate nightclub, this was the perfect launch venue. I haven’t personally tried it because I’m not much of a clubber in need of an entourage. The person I come with (usually the boyfriend) is all I need. But back in the day maybe….

Inside, one C Studios partner was eager to explain how they had built the brand while the other partner was trying to shoo me out because “there wasn’t room”. I whispered to Dave that his partner could use some marketing and PR coaching. You never know who can help your exposure so don’t get cocky, Dude.

One company that gets it was Koolaburra. I had never heard of them before but their shoes are so damn hot! The Khloe is lined in soft plushy Merino- perfect for a Park City Summer evening. They were featuring their winter boots for gifting but since I’m wall-to-wall boots and zero heels, I couldn’t resist. Still, check out the shoes on the website. Totally sexy.

Another sweet owner was Vallora Sabourin from Flying Lizard Jewelry Design. Her necklaces and earrings have graced the lobes and necks of many Hollywood Starlets. I’ve been wearing my new earrings non-stop.

The vests from Tracker are made with faux fur. Retail? $600+! The designer used to design for Marc Jacobs and has only been doing his own thing for three months. I was impressed and wished them luck as I handed the vest back.

Paul Frank’s getting in on the winter scene but truthfully these are some seriously ugly skis. The cable knit hats on the other hand were soft and cute.

On the way out, I couldn’t help but grab a shot of Laura Prepon (That 70s Show). She was quite accommodating. Must have been the fuzzy bear hat from Spirit Hoods.


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