My heart’s all a’ Twitter. Pun intended. This year, not only will thousands of bloggers delve into the Sundance Film Festival but social media mentions will be off the hook. It starts with #Sundance but it doesn’t end there.

It’s time to know what a hashtag (#) is if you don’t already. The Twitter symbol basically signals a conversation about a topic. For example, if you ‘search’ #fail you will get a long list of tweets about things people consider a ‘fail’. Same goes for Sundance et al.

Good luck and happy Tweeting. Don’t forget to include hashtags in your tweets so other peeps who may not be following you, can see them too.

Follow these popular hashtags regarding Sundance and you’ll never have to leave home. It’ll be just like you’re here- almost:












And follow me @pcskigal! J



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