Who’s Coming To Sundance 2015?



Its hard to explain why we are so hungry for photos of actors; even when we constantly see them in magazines and on the big screen. The whole paparazzi thing is so nuts that people have died, sued and written books on the subject. Still. snapping photos of strangers is a national past time and there’s no better place and time to feed the frenzy than this week at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.



Each year, the ‘A listers’ in attendance grows. Many have films appearing in this year’s fest while others (like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton) arrive to work the scene and perpetuate their mystique. Here’s our list of who’s coming to Sundance 2015, give or take a few dozen.

Power up those digis, grab a Sandisk Extreme Waterproof SD card (weather forecasters are predicting snow fall during the last two weeks of January) and watch for clusters of cameramen stalking Main Street’s facades (ie Grey Goose Lounge, TR Suites, Filmmakers Lodge, Village At The Lift). When they start shooting so should you. I met a gal a few years back who snapped away with a medium-priced point and shoot. She told me she makes hundreds of dollars every Sundance selling her photos overseas.


These are a few of the stars coming and their films they’ll represent:


Jack Black, Jeffrey Tambor & James Marsden, “The D Train”


Jack Black is in charge of his high school reunion and Marsden, the most popular guy in school, won’t come. Comedy ensues.



Kristen Wiig, “The Diary Of A Teenage Girl”

The hybrid of live action and animation turns the book about a daughter involved with her mother’s boyfriend into a quirky drama set in 1970s San Francisco.


Nicole Kidman & Joe Fiennes, “Strangerland”


Nicole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes play parents frantically searching for their two teens lost after a massive Australian dust storm.


Ryan Reynolds, “Mississippi Grind”


From the filmmakers who brought us the highly acclaimed “Half Nelson”, here’s a gambling flick that takes Reynolds to a legendary high-stakes poker game in New Orleans.


Sarah Silverman, “I Smile Back”


Comedienne Sarah Silverman takes in the drama of a housewife who has it all but turns to drugs and cheating when depression and disillusion set in.



James Franco, “I Am Michael” & “True Story” (with Jonah Hill)


James Franco gets two films into the Sundance Film Festival. The first, based on a true story, has him as a gay rights advocate who finds God and denounces homosexuality. The other has him playing a murderer on the run who tries to steal Hill’s identity.


Robert Redford & Nick Nolte, “A Walk In The Woods”


Robert Redford meant to make this senior buddy film with good friend Paul Newman but he passed away too soon. Now Redford treks the 2,100-mile-long Appalachian Trail with Nick Nolte right into the Sundance Film Festival.


Winona Ryder, “Experimenter”


Winona Ryder stars in a twisted bio pic about social psychologist Stanley Milgram.


Ethan Hawke, “Ten Thousand Saints”


A true darling of Sundance, Ethan Hawke plays a dad forced to reconnect with his estranged teen after the kid moves in with him.


Ewan McGregor, “Last Days In The Desert”


McGregor as Jesus. What more can you say except the film was shot by Emmanuel Lubezki, the cinematographer of “Gravity” and “Birdman”.


Jennifer Lopez & Viola Davis, “Lila & Eve”


J-Lo at Sundance!

The two ladies take the law into their own hands after their kids are killed in a crime and the authorities fail to do anything about it.


And the rest-


Molly Shannon


Giovanni Ribisi,


Guy Pearce


Billy Crudup


Tye Sheridan


Toni Collette,


Hugo Weaving


Orlando Bloom,


Brie Larson,


Sam Rockwell,


Jesse Eisenberg,


Jason Segel,


Anna Chlumsky,


Joan Cusack,


Mamie Gummer


Peter Sarsgaard,


John Leguizamo


Anna Kendrick


Anthony Michael Hall


Jason Schwartzman


Chiwetel eliofor


Chris pine


Cynthia Nixon


Kid cudi


Blthye Danner


Sam Elliott


Rhea perlman


Edward James almos


Laura dern


Keanu reeves


Patrick fugit


Spike lee


Sienna miller


Jason sudeikis


Amanda peet


Emma Roberts


Felicity Jones


Emma Thompson,


Mary Steenburgen


Lena Headey,


Richard Dreyfuss,


Dianna Agron


Jennifer Connelly,


John C. Reilly,


Tye Sheridan,


Michael Cera



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