Ask PCSkiGal: Second Thoughts About Skiing Spring Break?

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Hi Jill,

I know you are a Park City woman and would greatly appreciate your advice if you can spare the time. We are planning a trip from NH out there on February 23rd to March 1 but are rethinking because of the lack of snow and warm weather. We can’t cancel our flights but probably our condo and so we’re thinking of going to Solitude or somewhere else in Little or Big Cottonwood. We have two boys 7 and 13 and I like the Club Solitude approach. I’d love your take or advice, Thanks,


Hi Fanne,

Good to hear from you. You really never know what the snow will do a month from now. Yes, it’s very lame around here at present. Today it’s 50 degrees and summerlike. Monday we’re due for rain and snow and lows in the 20s. It’s also supposed to continue snowing through next weekend. And March is known to be extra snowy so we have our fingers crossed.
That said, there is next to nothing to do up Big Cottonwood Canyon (Solitude) if there’s no skiing. You could snowshoe at the Solitude Nordic Center but the snow is so compacted you could walk around in your boots without sinking. You might even be hiking in dirt by then. I’ve seen folks out rockclimbing this week in both LCC and BCC. If you are beginning skiers then you don’t need much to keep you entertained on the slopes but if the boys are advanced and want to rip around they might be bored if the conditions are anything like they are right now.

Photo by Ryan Freitas

Your family will have a much better vacation in Park City when there’s limited snow because there are so many other things to do – fat biking, tubing, ice skating, shopping, dining, bowling, alpine slide, ziplining, you could even be a cowboy for a day at the Blue Sky Ranch. Solitude will of course have BETTER snow than any of the Park City areas but right now that’s not saying much. Our bases are well below 100 inches.

If you have time to cancel I’d just watch the weather. There’s probably going to still be tons of availability in Solitude by the end of February. Park City not so much.

Hope that helps!




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