Current Utah Ski Conditions


Cold, snow, hot, melt. It’s a vicious cycle and it just won’t seem to quit. After a week of highs last week a storm rolled in and covered the crusty, rotten snow. I didn’t ski until Friday. I’m not ready for spring skiing just yet. Unfortunately, the Park City side needed a lot more snow than they got so we headed to Big Cottonwood. Brighton skied like butter in most places when I finally went out. There were still scratchy patches on southfacing slopes but overall it was a welcome relief to spring conditions. Another foot fell by Saturday morning bringing totals to about 20 inches in the Cottonwoods and turning everything creamy. The winds buffered the slopes preventing us from experiencing that infamous blower snow. The warmer grapple that fell in the morning created a consistency more like kicking it in a sandbox than surfing whipped cream. Once it was tracked out you had to work for your turns rather than finding that hero experience. Still, it was winter. At Alta on Saturday we found untracked off Supreme in the Catherine’s area as well as in Eagle’s Nest. It was rougher under Collins Lift where winds beat the freshies into submission. Sorry, Folks, I haven’t seen Devils Castle open all season but you can bet I was drooling for it.

Sunday in Park City brought 50-degree temps and spring conditions again at the base. The top was still winter. Snowbird was the ‘it’ resort on Sunday as several areas that were closed due to the heavy snow and avalanche hazard, reopened.  The tram line was ridiculous so it made sense to scoot to Gadzoom to start the day. Snow fell in the evening but it was partly sunny and warm this morning which equates to me staying home to write!

A storm is approaching from the west that’s promising snow showers behind a cold front tonight through tomorrow. Then it clears and warms before another cold front this Thursday. Fingers crossed it brings at least a foot to cover the melting snow. 


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