How To Find Park City Housing

Park City Housing

Catch-22, you get a resort job and no place to live. It’s getting harder and harder to find seasonal Park City housing. Everyone wants a year lease and at least $1k+ a month. It’s even more if you want to live alone.

Deer Valley and Park City offer employee housing but it’s scarce and dormlike. Plus, if you aren’t an ski instructor, liftee, etc. you’re not welcome to it. So now, you might be pulling your hair out trying to find a place; especially if you aren’t local.

Where do you start to look?

Well, you should have started looking in August. What the hell were you waiting for? Come December, it’s slim pickings. I personally have an apartment for rent because my lease starts Dec. 1. As a landlord, I know I can get my place rented fast at that time. I’m not on a busline, and it’s a one-year lease. Leave me a comment and I can share the info with you.

Here are my tips and places to help you find something for this winter:


Almost Forgot This For Park City Housing

One other thing I forgot to mention was to contact the HR departments at Deer Valley and Park City. They often will keep a folder of available rentals.

If all else fails, save your money for a reliable, rent in Salt Lake City and commute. If you have a job that starts early in the morning they have a special bus for you. 😉


Good Luck!!



  • Mila

    Hay,I’m looking for some apartman,for 2. Any suggestion?

  • Willy Peña-Mayorga

    Hi!! Thanks for this important information. Just in case you have a housing oportunity for a group of nice responsible guys from Perú. We´re going to Park City from December to March.
    Hope you can send me some ideas.

    Thanks again!

    • Wish I could help but I only do one year leases and to one person only. Keep your eye on the Facebook Park City Forum, KSL and Craigslist Salt Lake City. Good luck!

  • Estefany Perez

    Hi I’m interested in your apartment.

    • Aaww. Thanks for your interest but unfortunately it’s only available for one person on a one year lease. Right now I have somebody in it and if they move the next person moving in would be on another one-year lease. I wish you good luck in your hunt! It can be a challenge trying to find a place to live in Park City when you aren’t here. Check with some airbnbs to see if you can rent for a few nights while you look, if you still haven’t found a place by the time you get here.

  • steven maltman

    hello I may be moving to park city and would be looking for a one bedroom apartment for a year and i do have a dog but i do not need to bring her if i cannot find a place. I would like to hire you if i decide to move in December. I have some flexibility on price range so probably in town would work. please email me and we can share contact information.
    Thank you very much

    • Lovely! Sending you an email. The dog thing is always tricky but if you find a place that’s individually owned (and not run through a property management place you can always try to negotiate with the homeowner. Sucks to leave the pup behind.

  • Hello, I am looking to move to Park City for a year to work at both ski resorts. I am also pursuing my Master’s degree online so I will keep very busy. I would love any help you have to offer for an affordable one bedroom unit in the area. Thank you!

    • Unfortunately, “affordable” is relative in Park City. You can expect to pay around $1k+ per bedroom. You might be able to find a roommate situation for less but you also be paying for utilities. It’s a good idea that you’re starting to look now. Especially if you want to live alone. A one-bedroom place is running around $1,500 a month these days. I would, if I were you, start regularly posting on our Park City Facebook pages like Park City community forum and kpcw classifieds on Facebook. Let people know you are coming to town and you are looking for a place. You will need to lock something in by September/ October and most places will not do a short-term rental so you would be looking at a one year lease. I may have a studio open November or December 1st. It would be a thousand a month including all utilities. I do allow one pet in case you are curious but no smokers and you must be able to pass a credit background check. 😊

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