Alta Spreads Jackson Hole Love


I’m so very psyched. The panic had set in yesterday as I realized that our little three-day hookyfest to Jackson Hole, Wyo., came with a hefty lift ticket price tag. My ticket is included with my PSIA instructor’s clinic but because Sage is over 5 she no longer skis free. It would cost us a whopping $63 a day. I immediately began Googling “Jackson Hole Lift Ticket” but all I found were forums on how Jackson never offers a deal. Occasionally, you can get $5 off from your hotel front desk but that’s it. Adults are $108; kids, $63 (or $170 for 3 days).

Just as I contemplated leaving Sage home, I remembered. She has an Alta Season Pass! So what you may ask? Alta’s Pass comes with 50 percent off tickets to Jackson Hole, among other resorts. You ski all season at one resort and you forget that now you don’t have to. It’s called the Mountain Collective and if you ever doubted its usefulness as a bonus for full-price pass purchases at Snowbird and Alta let me tell you, “don’t.” Alta’s adult season pass even comes with three FREE tickets to Jackson before the 50 percent off kicks in.

The Mountain Collective beats Vail Resorts’ Epic Pass in this neighborhood when you consider Jackson is a lot closer to Utah than Vail or Kirkwood. Ryan’s kicking himself for not getting an Alta pass this summer. Now, the Collective portion is sold out and unavailable. I’m guessing next year he won’t make the same mistake twice.

Jackson Hole, here we come!


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