Disney World Deja Vous


I don’t think I would really have done it- Go home early. But ooh for a minute it was a brilliant, realistic idea. Here we were, all three of us, Sage crying and fussing, Ryan trying to explain to her why she was acting like Satan and me yelling at Ryan to give her a time out and walk away. It was quite a scene and not one I’m necessarily proud of. She’s tired, long day, over stimulated. I don’t care what the excuse I was so ready to walk away myself. Nothing, I mean nothing was stopping Sage from being the bitch child from hell.

Snow White Praying For Us.

Last night we deplaned and checked into The Travelodge Roach Motel. It was midnight. She was crying and refusing to sit still while we got our keys. Inside the room she wanted to jump on the beds and “play”. We told her no, that it was time to sleep and she threw her pillow at me. So I took all her pillows away, told her she wasn’t getting them back and turned off the lights. She cried for ten minutes then passed out. In the morning she asked to ride a roller coaster and we told her because of how she acted the night before, we weren’t go to any of the parks. We checked into the Port Orleans Riverside and spent the afternoon at Downtown Disney. We wandered in and out of the shops as we waited for our room to be ready and for Ryan’s parents to arrive. Every store brought on another tantrum because in every store she wanted us to buy her something and we said no. We kept telling her that we would put it on Santa’s list so she better be good. A couple of things might come her way toward the end of the week if she behaved, we added. She still acted like a spoiled brat. She even scratched Ryan on his arm. Don’t get me wrong, there were some good moments but the terror far outweighed the cute. Finally, Ryan told me he was done and that I could leave my key card with him and go home. That’s when I called US Airways to check on flights. And that’s when Sage started to cry and beg me not to leave. I really did want to go home at this point. It was all a mess. I’m not a mother. A mother would know how to handle this situation. All I wanted to do was pull a Marie Osmond.

I walked up to Sage and asked her if she knew why I wanted to leave. She said because she was being bad. I told her that her behavior was making me fight with Ryan and I didn’t like fighting. She promised to be good. And she was. Dreamy even. Until after dinner. We had a lovely and ear-numbingly loud meal at Raglan Road in Downtwn Disney, finishing up at 10:30p. Sage wanted to play with our phones. No. Tomorrow. She wanted to go swimming. No, tomorrow. She wanted someone to dance with her in the middle of the restaurant. No. She wanted to stay up and play when we got back to the hotel room. No, it’s bed time. And, no, we didn’t use the word ‘no’. We tried to respond like the books say. Offering alternatives; saying yes you can swim tomorrow, etc. But that didn’t stop her from getting bratty. Ugh.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to do breakfast with the princesses at Epcot. Maybe we should find a breakfast with the witches. Can you tell I’ve lost my cool??


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